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Machine Learning for Open edX

How to use Machine Learning in Open edX?

Machine Learning for an LMS is a hot topic when talking about how to get more from typical reporting or analytics systems than they can give. What can we expect from ML techniques? How can they be applied to Open edX? Which questions can we ask to such a system? Andres will provide an overview of ML techniques and possible applications to Open edX use cases. Learn more about machine learning applications for Open edX

Machine Learning in Open edX

Integrating machine learning into a LMS can enhance the learning experience by providing personalized recommendations, improving assessments, automating administrative tasks, and more.

Andres will show how to make a system that uses a ML algorithm to suggest courses you might be interested in based on your and other user’s previous enrollments.

Machine Learning Techniques for Open edX by Andrés Gonzalez

This material was presented at the 2021 Open edX Conference. Content created by Andres Gonzalez CTO and co-founder of Aulasneo