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Special projects

Do you have specific needs? 

We can make a tailor installation or specific customizations to adapt to your business needs.

Instructional Design Services

Do you need extra hands to create your courses and upload contents in Studio? 

We can provide that service with our professional Instructional Desing team.

LMS pricing add-ons

Marketing site with e-commerce integration for WordPress

Starting from USD 99/mo

Enable multiple payment gateways, multicurrency and a flexible course catalogue with automatic enrolments

Includes WordPress hosting website with standard ecommerce template & integration with Open edX enrollments

Advanced forms (satisfaction survey, profile, etc.) integrated with Lime Survey

USD 99/mo

Enrich student feedback adding advanced forms to gather qualitative data and testimonials
Includes LimeSurvey hosting and its integration with Open edX and PANORAMA

Zoom integration with the LMS via LTI

USD 49/mo per license

Simplify your syncronous session using Zoom integrated to the Open edX platform. Schedule recurrent meetings, enable instructors to start the meetings with a simple click. Record your sessions in the cloud and publish them with a simple toggle selector
Includes 1 Zoom Professional License, with LTI integration for Open edX.

H5P account for interactive content creation and hosting

Starting from USD 99/mo

Protect your videos filtering them by domain and publish professional videos without ads
Include interactive contents and improve the student engagement. Run examinations with interactive elements and integrate the gradings to the Open edX platform via LTI
Includes 1 H5P creator user

Which LMS pricing plan is most suitable for me?

Open edX is probably the most powerful and flexible learning platform in the market. Getting the basics from it is pretty straightforward. However, as you start

Basic Plan

Start Your eLearning Journey

This plan consists of a fully functional Open edX platform dedicated for you. It can host unlimited users and courses, although it will not escalate automatically to absorb high volumes of activity.

  • The Open edX Platform: Get your dedicated Open edX platform, fully functional and ready to host unlimited users and courses.
  • Ideal for Exploration: Perfect for those new to Open edX or with minimal project requirements.
  • Unlimited Potential: Designed for moderate activity, but no cap on users or courses.
  • Support: Access to a comprehensive Knowledge Base to guide you through.

If you just want to explore the Open edX platform and your project does not have too many requirements, our Basic plan can be a good point to start.

Advanced Plan

Elevate Your eLearning Experience

Organizations that need advanced features like custom certificates, custom domain, advanced analytics, student annotations should go for the advanced plan. 
  • Scalable & Customizable: A platform that grows with you, designed for larger audiences.
  • Brand Integration: Personalize with your colors, fonts, and logo.
  • Custom Domain: Make your platform truly yours with a custom domain.
  • Advanced Features:
    • Customizable Certificates: Offer unique certificates to your learners.
    • Panorama Analytics: Dive deep into course and user analytics.
  • Support: Reach out to us anytime with Email Support.

Advanced Plus Plan

The Ultimate eLearning Solution

With the Advanced Plus Plan you can focus on your business and leave all the technical aspects of the project to us.

  • All Features of Advanced & More: Everything from the Advanced plan, with added benefits.
  • Enhanced Support: Get Priority Support for all your needs.
  • Advanced Branding: enable advanced front-end customization to make your platform stand out (quote required).
  • Integration & Extensions:
    • ChatGPT Integration: Enhance user experience with AI-driven interactions.
    • Webhooks: Connect and automate your workflows.
    • WordPress Integration: enable ecommerce features to sell your courses with our WordPress integration.
  • Dedicated Assistance: Your very own Customer Success Manager to ensure smooth operations.

Additional services

In addition to our platform service and setup support, we offer a wide range of services and add-ons to complement our service plans.

Professional Services - LMS pricing

Site configuration

Our development team is ready to assist you to run a smooth Open edX Site Setup
We have more than 7 years of experience with the Open edX platform!

Site operation

Our devops team is ready to assist you to run your Open edX Site

Look and feel customization

Our frontend developers are ready to help your organization to perform advanced customizations to meet your brand guidelines.

Instructional design

Our education team can support your organization to design, upload and configure your courses taking advantage of all the advanced features of the Open edX platform

Content creation & Quality Control

Our online learning experts can help your organization to deliver courses with the highest content quality

Panorama data analytics

Our data analysts can provide customized analytics dashboards in Panorama and integrate them with multiple external systems to address your reporting needs

Included with Open edX platform in all LMS pricing plans

Open edX is the leader learning management system (LMS) created by MIT and Harvard and used by millions of students around the globe. Our installation is the original version, meaning that we do not make any modifications to the code. This way we guarantee the transparency spirit of any open source project.

Our Open edX services are installed using Kubernetes technology in AWS cloud platform. We are Open edX verified partner and AWS consulting partner, which is a warranty of scalability, stability and robustness of our services.

All the basic plans offer a fully functional Open edX platform provided on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. If you require a different delivery model, contact us to discuss about a special project offer.

  • Multiple languages
    • English
    • Arabic
    • Catalan
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Indonesian
    • Korean
    • Polish
    • Portuguese
    • Russian
    • Indian
    • Ukrainian
    • Chinese
  • Content blocks
    • Video (including transcripts, closed captions and controls)
    • Text with format
    • Images
    • HTML
    • Discussion forum topic
  • Basic problem blocks, with optional hints and feedback
    • Check boxes
    • Dropdown
    • Multiple choice
    • Numerical input
    • Text input
  • Advanced problem blocks
    • Drag and drop
    • Math expression input
    • Image mapped input
    • Staff graded points
    • JavaScript custom problem
    • Python-evaluated problem
  • Open response assignments
    • With optional self, peer and staff assessment.
  • Other components
    • Free text response: Let the teacher assess the responses
    • Conditional: control components visibility depending on selected responses
    • Google calendar: share a Google calendar with the class
    • Google document: share any Google document
    • LTI: connect to any service using LTI. Typical examples:
      • Embed a Zoom meeting and get everybody join without sending invitations
      • Insert an H5P interactive activity and use the result to grade students
      • Include a LimeSurvey form
    • PDF
    • Peer instruction question: encourage interaction with a peer instruction question (Peer instruction )
    • Poll
    • Randomize content block: Show a random subset of questions from a pool
    • Scorm
    • Staff graded assignment: upload a document for the staff to grade and give feedback.
    • Survey
  • Single-Sign On and social login
    • Requires knowledge to configure in Open edX and an account in the selected IdP.
  • Standard certificates

Unlimited users

There is no hard limit on the number of courses, registered users, and concurrent users in the platform.

In the Elemental plan, high levels of activity may impact site performance. This usually depends on how many users are trying to perform a certain activity at the same time.

In higher plans, the platform will adapt to the increase in the demand, escalating to virtually unlimited users, courses and simultaneous access.

AWS Hosting in Certified Infrastructure

All our plans are hosted in the AWS Cloud. At Aulasneo we are AWS Partners, within the ISV (Independent Service Vendors) route. We have reached this level of partnership after completing the FTR (AWS Foundational Technical Review) with an AWS solution architect.

This verification process certifies that our Open edX solution mounted on the AWS cloud meets all the requirements of the AWS Well Architectured Framework, whose 6 pillars are: Operational Excellence Pillar, Security Pillar, Reliability Pillar, Performance Efficiency Pillar, Cost Optimisation Pillar and Sustainability Pillar.


Users obtaining a passing grade will be allowed to get a course certificate. This certificate can be viewed in the platform and printed using the browser’s print functionality. Certain browsers may allow to download the certificate as a PDF document.


Discussion forums encourage students to participate and interact with peers in the platform. The benefit of using the Open edX forum are:

  • Course staff can moderate forum activities
  • Course-level topics are contained inside the specific course
  • Component topics are inserted together with the relevant content

Custom domain

Use your own domain to point to the virtual campus.

Note: it does not include domain registration or DNS zone hosting. Contact us if you need any of these services.

Your logo, your colors and your font

Give the virtual campus the look that matches your brand. You can choose the top logo, favicon, primary and secondary colors, and certain background colors, as well a the font from a list of available options. Contact us if you need deeper customizations.

Custom certificates

Create you own certificate design in HTML code. Change the colors, add a badge, select a different font, change the texts. Contact us if you need support or design services.

Daily backups

All our services are protected from technical issues. However, we make one backup a day of every site. If you want to restore your site to a previous state, you can roll back to the latest backup version.

Panorama analytics

Get all the information about everything in your campus with advanced analytics. We offer a basic set of dashboards covering with all the data mostly used about enrollments, courses, grades, user activity, videos viewed, etc. If you need a dedicated dashboard specific to your needs, we can do it for you. Contact us for our data analytics service.

Advanced branding

Add you own HTML or CSS code to modify the look and feel of certain parts of the platform, like the login page, header, footer, etc.


Let your students take notes of text components inside the virtual campus. They will be able to highlight text, add comments, and see all notes in a course tab.

Social login and Single Sign On

Login using Google, Facebook or any OAuth2 or SAML compatible identity provider.

Search engine

Search within course content, description and forum discussions with the search functionality.

Native e-commerce

Native Open edX e-commerce application allows you to commercialize course seats or upgrades with a variety of purchasing options.

Note: if the native e-commerce workflow doesn’t fully meet your needs (e.g. you just want to sell your courses), try our marketing site with e-commerce integration add-on.

Initial Setup support

Although most features come out of the box, customizing Open edX to fully meet your needs can require more time than you expected, specially when your team does not have specific experience in Open edX.

Examples of this can include complex grading schemes, open response activities, timed and/or randomized exams, certificates, integrating third party components, etc.

With our set up support, we can configure Open edX for you so you can focus on your learning project while we take care of the technological complexities.

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Once you buy a plan, you will get a unique url to access the platform, together with credentials to access as superusers. Open edX offers three main views:

  • LMS: the student and teacher experience. Here is what users learn and teachers administer courses (enroll students, grade exams, view the grade book, schedule and open live sessions, etc.)
  • Studio (a.k.a. CMS): the course author experience. Here is where authors can create and edit courses, add content, etc.
  • Admin: a page for system-level setup.

How long does it take to activate?

After completing the required information, all standard plans can be activated in a few minutes. If your project has specific requirements, you will get an estimated time of delivery together with the commercial offering.

How many users are supported? How many simultaneous concurrent users does it support?

There are no hard limits on how many users are registered in the platform or how many concurrent users can it support. The Elemental LMS pricing plan is quite limited in cloud resources, so it may experience some performance degradation under extreme or peak level of activity. Basic and upper LMS pricing plans will automatically escalate cloud resources to absorb high volumes of users, so there is no virtual limit.

How many videos can I upload? Can I insert very long videos?

Actually videos are not stored in the platform. Instead you should use a streaming service like YouTube of Vimeo or a private storage to store your videos, and point a link to the video components in your courses. For this reason, there is no limit on how many videos are supported or how long can they be.

Most of these streaming services offer enough privacy and rights control to meet most needs. If you are concerned about how to insert videos in courses please contact us.

Open edX is the most scalable and reliable platform in the market, and also the most flexible. It will offer out of the box all the functionality to meet most of the frequent requirements of even large universities. And if there is a function that is not available, contact us to evaluate a special project.

What payment methods do you accept?

All plans can be purchased using any credit card. Fully managed and Special project can be paid by bank transfer. If you have a specific requirement about payment, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do you offer any discount?

Yes. All plans can benefit from an important discount by making an upfront anual payment.

Do you have a special LMS pricing plan for NGO or NPO?

Yes we do. Please contact us to talk about your project and know more.

Can I start with an LMS pricing plan and then upgrade to a larger one?

Yes. We will charge proportionally the difference of the two plans for the days used.

Can I downgrade to a smaller LMS pricing plan?

Downgrading is something that cannot be done automatically. If you are under a special situation when the plan you are in does not fit your needs, please contact us to find the most appropriate solution.

What happens if I cancel?

If you cancel all the data will be lost. So temporary cancellations are not recommended.