PANORAMA™: Open edX Analytics

PANORAMA: The Ultimate Analytics Engine for Open edX™

Introducing PANORAMA: The Ultimate Analytics Engine for Open edX™

Open source technology has always been a catalyst for innovation. Open edX™, a leading open-source platform, has witnessed a surge in global adoption, especially amidst the challenges of Covid and confinement. With thousands of implementations worldwide, there’s a growing need for advanced analytics tools that cater to diverse requirements.


PANORAMA: Revolutionizing Analytics for Open edX™

The Open edX™ platform has emerged as a global frontrunner in educational technology, powering initiatives for schools, universities, NGOs, and businesses of every scale. Its evolution from a MOOC-centric platform has been rapid, especially in the wake of challenges posed by Covid and the subsequent confinement.

However, with this expansive adoption comes a shift in needs. While many analytics tools for Open edX™ predominantly focus on course-centric insights, reflecting the MOOC dynamics, the real-world applications demand a broader perspective.

Why PANORAMA Stands Out:

  • Holistic Student Insights: Educational institutions can now access comprehensive data, from enrollment lists to specific student performance metrics and participation indicators.

  • Degree-Centric Tracking: Universities can holistically monitor student performance across specific degree programs, encompassing multiple courses.

  • Revenue & Popularity Analytics: Academies gain a dual perspective, identifying not only the most popular courses among students but also those that are primary revenue drivers.

PANORAMA is not just another analytics tool; it’s the answer to the evolving needs of the diverse Open edX™ community.

Why Choose PANORAMA for Open edX™ Analytics?

  • Comprehensive Insights: Whether you’re an educational institution tracking student performance, a university monitoring specific degree courses, or an academy gauging course attractiveness and revenue sources, PANORAMA offers a tailored analytics solution.

  • Customizable Dashboards: PANORAMA empowers organizations to design their management dashboards, ensuring relevant data is always at their fingertips.

  • Role-Based Views: From organizational leaders to instructors, students, partners, and data scientists, PANORAMA offers customized views to suit every user profile.

  • Enhanced Features: Seamlessly integrate with e-commerce modules, track revenue, and link with external systems like HR software.

Explore the next level of data analytics with PANORAMA

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  • PANORAMA’s Technical Edge

Built on Amazon AWS’s serverless components, PANORAMA boasts:

  • Speed: Deploy in minutes.
  • Simplicity: No coding or Open edX™ modifications required.
  • Scalability: Global integration across multiple Open edX™ instances.
  • Flexibility: Easy integration with external data sources.
  • Security: Enhanced data access control, no open ports, and IAM access control.
  • Efficiency: Minimal load on Open edX™ instances.
  • Economical: Pay-as-you-go pricing model.
  • Superiority: Outperforms traditional web application architectures in every aspect.

AI & ML-Driven Analytics

PANORAMA isn’t just about historical data. Harness the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to forecast and strategize, ensuring your organization remains data-driven and ahead of the curve.

Availability & Integration

PANORAMA is compatible with all Open edX™ instances and is a flagship offering in our Software as a Service (SaaS) suite on Aulasneo. For self-hosted deployments, PANORAMA can be seamlessly integrated, granting access to its powerful control panels.

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PANORAMA is an analytics engine that allows organisations using Open edX™ to deliver online courses to create their own management dashboards.

Differentiated roles by user profile

Organizational leaders can have a high-level view of enrolments, student performance and engagement at the organisational level, while having the ability to drill down into specific courses or students if needed.

The analytics views can also be customised by configuring different levels of access, such as:

  • Administrator view: permissions to view all available dashboards for the organisation.
  • Instructor view: permissions to see a detailed view of the courses they are part of as staff in a single dashboard.
  • Student view: permissions to see all the statistics of the courses they are enrolled in in a centralised dashboard.
  • Partner view: in organisations that have multiple learning partners, he can provide them with a read-only user dashboard that can exclusively track course activities for that specific partner.
  • Data scientist power user: organisations can have power users to create their own dashboards that link different data sets and set up custom data analysis.
panorama open edx analytics

Panorama enhancement features also include options to integrate with e-commerce modules to track revenue and any additional information generated by an external system linked to the LMS (such as HR software).

PANORAMA is available for all Open edX™ instances.

PANORAMA is available for all Open edX™ implementations. It is part of our hosted Open edX™ solutions on Aulasneo, as part of our Software as a Service (SaaS) offering.

PANORAMA can also be implemented in self-hosted deployments. For these cases, a configuration is set up to connect to Open edX™ instances and provides access to 3 essential control panels.

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