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NGOs – Universities – Academies – Enterprises – Government

What do we do?

We create customized online learning solutions to meet the needs of a wide variety of learning projects, providing organizations with a dynamic and modern platform, with costs tailored to their needs. 

 We provide LMS technology and advanced e-learning services to help organizations make successful online learning projects.

Aulasneo offers you all the power of the Open edX Platform, tailored to your needs.

Open edX is the learning management system (LMS) developed by Harvard, MIT and Stanford.

Since its launch more than 55 million students use it daily.

It is a learning platform made by educators for educators.

The Open edX™ Platform (Fully managed or installed in your servers)

Professional Services: Instructional Design, QC, User Support, Custom Development.

PANORAMA™ Analytics (Fully managed or installed in your servers)



We are Open edX Partners

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At Aulasneo we are experts in the Open edX LMS, which transforms people’s lives through online education. We know how to optimize the numerous resources available for the delivery of virtual courses, so that you can transform your project into reality.


Open edX Platform as a Service

Fully managed (SaaS) with unlimited users.


Open edX Configuration

Our development team is ready to assist you to run a smooth Open edX Site Setup


Open edX operation

Our devops team is ready to assist you to run your Open edX Site


Open edX Look & Feel customization

Our frontend developers are ready to help your organization to perform advanced customizations to the Open edX Platform


Instructional design

Our team can support you design, upload and configure your courses taking advantage of all the advanced features of the Open edX


Content QC
( Quality Control)

Our online learning experts can help your organization to deliver courses with the highest content quality.


Panorama & data analytics

Our data analysts can provide customized analytics dashboards in Panorama to address your reporting needs.


The Open edX Platform

Installed in your servers with continuos technical support

team aulasneo working on panorama analytics for open edx

Panorama for your Open edX Platform

Our powerful analytics engine installed in your self hosted Open edX Instance

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We share insights, ideas and the latest news from the EdTech world.


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Open edX Analytics: evaluating the impact of open courses

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Our Open edX LMS platform

Open edX Virtual Campus

Organize all your course offerings and contents in one unique versatile place.


A wide range of automated or instructor-graded assessment options provide numerous grading alternatives.

Live Learning Sessions

Thanks to the Video Conferencing Module (live streaming), courses can be enriched by live interaction between instructors and students, regardless of their location.


Once the pass requirements for each course have been completed, a certificate is generated, with a unique verification code.

Usage Reports and Grading Reports

Analyse the performance of each course with a detailed progress report for each student and their grades.

eCommerce Store

Enable your online shop to allow your students to pay electronically and sell your courses with numerous payment methods.

Our team

Who do we help?

From small institutions with a few students to large projects with thousands of users.

Our focus is on accompanying them to build an engaging learning experience. 

Educational Institutions

If you are part of an educational institution and you need to develop a portal that provides remote courses (virtual classrooms), in self-service mode (i.e. the student chooses his own pace of progress) or in instructor-guided mode, we can help you.

NGOs & Governmental Agencies

If you need a customized portal to launch a social or governmental project, our platform adapts to the needs of the organization, allows you to implement resources to make your project more efficient and reach a larger audience.


We develop customized portals that adapt to the training needs of each company, either for its employees (HR courses, Health and Safety, Sales Techniques, Product Training, Internal Processes), or for external agents (Suppliers, External Technicians, External Vendors, etc).

Advanced Analytics for the Open edX Platform

With PANORAMA, our exclusive Analytics engine,  decision makers can have a high-level view of enrolments, learner performance and participation at the organisational level. In addition, they have the possibility to drill down to specific courses or learners if needed.

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Our Customers

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Our partners

qualified software


At Aulasneo we are AWS Partners, within the ISV (Independent Service Vendors) route. We have reached this level of partnership after completing the FTR (AWS foundational Technical Review) with an AWS solution architect. This verification process certifies that our Open edX solution mounted on the AWS cloud meets all the requirements of the AWS Well Architectured Framework, whose 6 pillars are: Operational Excellence Pillar, Security Pillar, Reliability Pillar, Performance Efficiency Pillar, Cost Optimisation Pillar and Sustainability Pillar.

In short, our solution has a scalable, redundant, resilient and cost-optimised infrastructure.

In addition to our certification, as part of the AWS partner program, we have numerous tools and access to specialized resources in cutting-edge technologies. We provide ongoing training to our customers.

This allows us to lead innovations for our customers and to access specialists from all over the world to solve the challenges they face.

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