Our Story

Our company was founded in 2016 by two experienced technology professionals: Andrés González and Esteban Etcheverry
During their more than 20 years professional experience they have been involved in the development and implementation of infrastructure technology projects (data networking, equipment, support and cloud services).
They have held a variety of roles including operations, project accounting, finance and international assignments in recognized multinational corporations.

Throughout these experiences, performed at network carriers and technology equipment and services vendors, our cofounders have gained a strategic perspective that led them to start a new venture in the online learning environment.

Soon after the founding of our company the team started to grow incorporating talented, curious and diverse members that led us to build long-term and sustainable relationships with our customers. Today our team is an essential pillar of our customer centric and human approach.

Our day to day

At Aulasneo we work with our wonderful remote and distributed team to grant our customers enriching online learning experiences. We review all ongoing projects and we analyze the lessons learned from each initiative in order to provide our customers the best support for their learning endeavors.

We add the human factor to the online learning equation.

aulasneo team

Meet our team

Our team is ready to help you plan, implement and review your online learning project.

We have a remote, highly skilled and diverse team that guarantees a creative approach to each requirement of your initiative.






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