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Cap-Net: Success stories with aulasneo

In 2019 Cap-Net requested proposals to redesign its Virtual Campus and its website. They were seeking to adapt their tools to the growing pace of their online learning activities and to expand its global reach. Their goal is to became a global hub for water learning.

Cap-Net old virtual campus was developed using a wordpress plugin. Along the years, the learning courses begin to grow both in contents and in participants so this basic architecture became a growth limitation.

Our proposed solution was implementing a brand new Virtual Campus powered by Open edX (a world-class open source LMS developed by Hardvard, MiT & Stanford) in a dedicated instance that would enable Cap-Net to better serve its students and its learning partners. Open edX has a robust and scalable architecture that allows thousand of online students and courses with a clean UX and advanced features.

With the new Virtual Campus provided by Aulasneo, Cap-Net is able to deliver online courses with participation of other organizations (UNICEF, UNDP, UN Habitat, ANSI, GWP, etc), contributing towards reaching Sustainable Development Goal 6

At Aulasneo, we are passionate about education and technology. We provide e-learning solutions based on Open edX technology and powered by Amazon AWS infrastructure and services. We are based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Most of our projects are in Spanish speaking countries (Latin America and Spain) and we also have ongoing projects on other regions

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