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The Open edX™ Platform Fully Managed (Saas)

The Open edX™ Platform Turnkey Installation

PANORAMA™: Open edX™ Platform Analytics

Plan Academias

Academies & Educational Institutions

We provide a modern and flexible elearning platform where educational institutions can deliver online courses with contents in many digital formats such as videos, documents, video conferences and automated evaluations.

Our solutions include ecommerce modules to sell online courses, including all major payment gateways.



Corporate Campus



We create the Virtual Campus for your company or organization. We provide a turnkey platform to enable you manage the online training for your employees, including features such as user management, reporting and the possibility of easily adding customer-generated contents. Request a quote for a custom implementation for your case.


Open edX® Platform


Our solutions are based on the Open edX® Platform, developed by Harvard & MIT Universities to deliver enriching online learning experiencies. Since its launch, more than 46 million students has taken online courses using the Open edX® Platform. With aulasneo, your organization can easily and quickly access to this world class technology without the need of hardware or complex implementations.



At aulasneo® we’re excited about training, coaching and educating. We design customized e-learning solutions to face today’s demand for being continually updated.

We can help you to generate contents and to structure your courses in a dynamic and efficient way.

We provide the platform as a service, hence no investment on infrastructure or having technological resources or knowledge are needed.

We seek to ease up the creation process of e-learning experience. Thus our customers do not need to make investments or assign resources to implement or manage the platform.

In order to tackle this diverse spectrum of analysis, at Aulasneo we have developed PANORAMA: a flexible analytics engine that can be easily customized and adapted to the specific needs of each organization running online courses via Open edX™.

We are Amazon AWS Technology Parter Select

aulasneo aws partner

At Aulasneo we are committed to our mission of providing tools, services and advice to educational institutions, academies, non-profit organizations and companies for the management of online teaching and learning.

Within this framework, today we announce our partnership with Amazon AWS. In this way, we strengthen our innovative drive with the support of a global organization.

We provide our clients with countless state-of-the-art tools that allow them to achieve their development objectives, expanding their scope, without having to worry about technology.

AIE ARG: Success stories with aulasneo

Asociación de Ingenieros Estructurales de la República Argentina A success story with aulasneo Until 2017 AIE ARG had a long tradition delivering trainings to its associates. All courses were

Cap-Net: Success stories with aulasneo

In 2019 Cap-Net requested proposals to redesign its Virtual Campus and its website. They were seeking to adapt their tools to the growing pace of their online learning activities and to expand its

ICdeBA: Success stories with aulasneo

A success story with Open edX® technology and Aulasneo ICdeBA (Instituto Clínico de Buenos Aires) is a Psychoanalytic Graduate school that awards advanced academic degrees with a long

CEEF: Success stories with aulasneo

Centro Europeo de Educación Física (CEEF) CEEF, an Academy with on-site courses had to modernize its remote offering. In 2017 they were offering distance learning courses that consisted in mailing

We are Open edX® Platform Service Providers 

aulasneo Open edX Service Partner

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We build your online campus and manage your contents so that your organization can focus on its core business and doesn't have to deal with tech issues.

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