A MELP approach for Open edX LMS evaluating the impact of open courses

Aulasneo present at Open edX 2023, MIT, Boston.

aulasneo® is an active member of the Open edX Community, participating in numerous initiatives aimed at the development, growth and dissemination of the online learning platform used by the most important educational institutions in the world.

We also adhere to the Open Source movement, which allows us to collaboratively reach great achievements with the sum of contributions from many people from different parts of the world. We nourish ourselves from the developments of the community and contribute with our contributions to its growth and permanent improvement.

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Esteban Etcheverry
CEO Aulasneo

A MELP approach for Open edX LMS: evaluating the impact of open courses

When delivering online courses, NGOs and government agencies usually face challenges to evaluate the impact of open courses. We’ll discover how we can implement a MELP (Monitoring and Evaluation Learning Process) approach for the Open edX Platform. We’ll explain how integrating advanced surveys and analytics to the course design can help an organization monitor the users learning process, get qualitative feedback, and evaluate the impact of a course.

In this context, our CEO and Co-Founder, Esteban Etcheverry 🎓 Soluciones de Aprendizaje Online, will have the opportunity to share with the community our development for qualitative impact assessment in online courses. On March 30th at Massachusetts Institute of Technology he will give a talk at the annual Open edX 2023 conference. He will share the details of our developments in analytics, advanced forms and their corresponding instructional design strategy for qualitative impact assessment in online courses delivered using the Open edX platform.

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